Outlander Limited Edition Box Walker's Shortbread Outlander Limited Edition Box Walker's Shortbread

A limited edition collector's box of Walker's Shortbread featuring Starz Outlander on the outside, and inside a selection of Walker's delicious shortbread biscuits in their famous fingers, rounds and triangle shapes. THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER. However, the same shortbread inside is available in other containers. Find it in our pantry section.

Our Price: $12.99
Tea Time  assortment Tea Time assortment

Cannae decide ? Buy all and save, a box of each blend of Edinburgh tea and a set of 20 honey sticks.

Our Price: $36.25
Outlander Silhouette Logo Outlander Silhouette Logo

100% cotton panel by Andover USA/Makower UK fabrics,
44" wide
Trademark logo with vibrant colours and a high denier weave making giving it a satiny matte almost chintz-like finish
Sold by the yard.

Our Price: $14.50
SPECIAL BUY  BUNDLE  Crytozoic Outlander Trading Cards Series 2 SPECIAL BUY BUNDLE Crytozoic Outlander Trading Cards Series 2


Our Price: $225.00
School Days Outfit School Days Outfit

We love to re-introduce a new generation of little girls and boys to classic fashions from years gone by !
Designed to fit popular 18" dolls and based upon the 1970's Daisy Kingdom line of doll clothing we use Vintage Daisy Kingdom fabrics that we gather from all over the globe.
With her classic plaid pleated skirt, a white puffed sleeve blouse with a Peter Pan collar and a hand knit sweater to keep warm, our outift turns every American Girl Doll into a Scottish American Girl doll.
Parents: The back to school sweater comes with its own small red beads on it, so not recommended for small children. Please supervise carefully if purchased, or, ask us to remove them !
Shoes and stockings are sold separately.

This is also available in child sizes as a bespoke order.

Our Price: $38.00
Face Down Before Rebel Hooves Face Down Before Rebel Hooves

A novel by Kathy Lynn Emerson published in 2001, this is
Book 7 of 10 in the Susanna, Lady Appleton Series.
An uncirculated autographed copy

Our Price: $12.65

Specialising in all things tartan and beyond, from historically accurate to modern day kilts, bespoke items, yard goods and novelties, Blackthistle designs is a bit of Scotland in Maine...

Keeping Blackthistle Designs as a home based business gives us the chance to be dedicated to the tartan, costuming and clothing needs of all. While we are intrinsically all things “Scottish”, we do not limit ourselves to any particular genre because we love to meet the challenge of everyone’s imagination. We sew our own line of classic and heirloom clothing for children and adults, novelty gift items and home decor, all with a Celtic flair.

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