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Gardiner's of Scotland Vanilla Fudge treats Coo tin Dean's Steven Brown  Shortbread Designer Tins Collection Dean's  Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pre-wrapped fudge caramels made and packaged in Scotland from a traditional recipe by Gardiners of Scotland ..all placed in a beautiful assortment of tins that are sized just right for a thoughtful gift. So many choices, there must be one just right for that dance teacher, dog walker, cat lover or just fudge lover ! The perfect "tuck in " size, whether your desk drawer or someone's Christmas stocking.

12 g. of delicious, melt in your mouth indulgence

These colourful Highland Cow tins were designed by famed Scottish artist Steven Brown for Deans of Huntley and now come in smaller 150g tins with delicious stem ginger shortbread. Also, a few other 160g tins with plain, all butter shortbread The perfect size for a small token gift, even if it is for yourself.
Cannot decide ? Collect all 10 at a special price.

Piper at sunset (150g ginger)
Billie McCoo All Butter Shortbread Rounds tin 160g
Marie McCoo All Butter Shortbread Rounds tin 160g
Chloe 160 All Butter Shortbread Rounds 160g
Auld Scottie McCoo (150g ginger)
Molly McDug All Butter Shortbread Rounds 160g
Kev McCoo (150g ginger)
Lady McNessie (150g ginger)
Glen McDeere (150g ginger)
Geordie McCoo & Wee Yin (150g ginger)
Huey McCoo All Butter Shortbread Rounds 160g
Rab McCoo All Butter Shortbread Rounds 160g

The colourful Highland Cow tins designed by famed Scottish artist Steven Brown for Deans of Huntley are filtering on all kinds of things. Now available in a 180g CARTON of delicious
chocolate chip shortbread cookies. Choose from Wee Ben (photo 1) or Heather McCoo (photo 2)
Wee Ben McCoo is a city gent who loves London, its history and traditions. Here he is, enjoying sunset by the Houses of Parliament, and his namesake, Big Ben while Heather is home roaming the glen.

Dean's Steven Brown Designer Tins Collection Dean's Harris McCoo Shortbread & Latte Mug Gift Set Steven Brown Art Collection basket
These colourful Highland Cow tins were designed by famed Scottish artist Steven Brown for Deans of Huntley. Deans is known for their buttery and flaky shortbread - a recipe created by Mrs. Dean in 1975 to raise money for the local pipe band so they could compete at Highland Games! Chloe cow is a small size with eight flaky shortbread rounds are tucked inside this collectible tin for you to enjoy. 5.6 oz. tin measures 6.25" by 6.25" by 1.75" deep.
Other tins in the collection are a generous 500 grams and measure approx. 11x8x2.
Dean's shortbread when delivered in this wonderful keepsake tin and is perfect as a gift...whether to yourself or any Heilan Coo lover
you know !

PHOTO 1 Billie McCoo
PHOTO 2 Chloe
PHOTO 3 Maggie McCoo
PHOTO 4 Wullie & Maggie
PHOTO 5 Rab & Isla
PHOTO 6 Ally McCoo

Dean's light & crumbly all butter shortbread served with a piping hot latte - what could be nicer? Featuring Steven Brown's stunning Harris McCoo design, make someone's day with this gorgeous gift.


1 x Steven Brown Art Harris McCoo All Butter Shortbread Rounds 160g

1 x Steven Brown Art Harris McCoo Latte Mug (17oz)

A beautifully presented selection of Dean's exceptionally popular Steven Brown Art range. The Steven Brown Art Collection basket. The photo features the Marie McCoo, Huey McCoo and Molly McDug tins housing Dean’s light and crumbly all butter shortbread rounds. However, you can choose any three, just put in customer comments in your cart. A stunning gift guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day, or as a treat just for you. Each tin holds 160g of shortbread and comes in a basket with assorted tosses of fudge and tea to complete it.

Dean's Gift Basket
Dean's Gift Basket
Our Price: $54.00

Choose any variation for the perfect gift.
BASKET 1 any three 150/160 g shortbread tins
Basket 2 any 500 g. tin
Basket 3 any two 150/160 g tins, 1 bag choc. chip . basket comes tucked in with an assortment of tea, fudges and candies sprinkled about.
Prices vary and as well, you can also always request any other product from our pantry to add in as well. All done, shipped to you or direct to recipient with a gift card.
Our choice of tins, however, suggestions/requests welcome. Put into customer comments into your cart. No promises, but we will do our best to fulfill YOUR request.