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With years of experience behind us, age and order demands have forced Blackthistle Designs to subcontract some
of our larger items. While to some that may mean the possibility of a difference in quality from the past, for which we are known, we can assure you that that is not the case. All measurements, paperwork and stock come from our
premises and MY OWN labor and I can assure you that even if the label is shared, the quality is top of the line.
Our North American orders, specifically our restricted U.S.Army Special Forces kilts are now being made
EXCLUSIVELY by J Higgins in Lenexa, Kansas, one of the premier kilt makers in America and while this may seem an
odd choice since I am located in Maine, you can rest assured that as well as their already established
reputation, we have our own "eyes" within 15 minutes of them in the form of the next generation of Blackthistle Design's residence.
With John sharing the load, I am free to still enjoy creating other bespoke items, and continue to take great
pleasure in the children's line, baby kilts, and the many, many other garments we have provided to customers all over
through the years.
As well, we have a dedicated group of knitters now in our Blackthistle family.
Regardless of by whom and where made, all our garments never ship without final visual inspection and
authorisation by me, and my promise is you will always be getting the highest quality, the best possible craftsmanship
and packaging we have always and will continue to provide.

An extra word about our kilts.
Although we are based in the United States of America, as a family and business we take great pride in keeping to the customs and heritage of my country. We enjoy seeing the embrace of the kilt as a distinct garment while it is being adopted by many and are pleased to provide beautiful tartan to all in both of the traditional forms of a kilt for men and a kilt skirt for women.
We especially thank you for respecting the Scottish culture and tradition by recognising and understanding this distinction, which, as a man's shirt to a woman's blouse with buttons, here is merely the alternate side of the buckles and overlay of the front flap.
By making this distinction, we are in no way addressing any other meanings to our choice to do so other than, as stated, the respect of this garment and its place and meaning in the Scottish culture.
To affix any other meaning to our policy is an assumption we do not recognise.

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Flashes Flashes

Traditional flashes can be made in almost any tartan or as well in solid colours, plain or embroidered with an insignia.
Our flashes come with an adjustable elastic garter with a velcro "buckle" that keeps them not only comfortable but secure.
While many are kept on hand, these are mostly available as an individual bespoke item and we welcome you to contact us with your request before ordering. We can provide several styles as well, dagged, looped , un-looped, fringed....just ask !
We do offer a traditional set of flashes that are available in the U.S.Special Forces tartan, but,
please note,as these are made with the restricted tartan itself,just as with the Special Forces kilt, you must submit your DD214's to order these.
HOWEVER: If you are a past customer that has purchased a kilt or anything in the Special Forces or Team Rubicon tartan already, we have your name on file and can process the order for you immediately. Just feel free to check it out through the cart. This is done to protect the integrity of the tartan and keep it limited to those specifically entitled to own it. If you are interested in buying this as a gift for that special soldier of yours, we suggest using a gift certificate so they may order it. We thank you for understanding. *****

Our Price: $18.00
U.S. Special Forces Tartan Accessories set U.S. Special Forces Tartan Accessories set

We had the U.S.Special Forces tartan woven in a luxurious 100% silk with a reduced sett to lend its beauty to a distinctive cummerbund and bow tie ..a special item just right for a formal event.
Hand detailed with a securely "set" sett, both cummerbund and bow tie are pre-arranged
for ease of wear, guaranteeing a straight and balanced appearance. Adjustable for a custom fit
with all metal fastenings that will not break or tarnish.
Special sizing is also available if you need smaller or larger than the listed sizes which are
(M) 34"-44" and (L) 44"-54".
******PLEASE NOTE: This is a bespoke item, crafted to each order and not kept on hand in stock. Right now we are working on a one and a half week shipping window. As well, just like the Special Forces kilt, you must submit your DD214's to wear this. This is done to protect the integrity of the tartan and keep it limited to those specifically entitled to own it. If you are interested in buying this as a gift for that special soldier of yours, we suggest using a gift certificate so they may order it. *****

COMING SOON. Available in Team Rubicon

Our Price: $58.00
Traditional Scots Bonnet Traditional Scots Bonnet

Hand knit and felted with 100% wool right here in Maine by our own staff knitters, our Men's traditional Scot bonnet is made from an authentic pattern used for hundreds of years. Blackthistle Design has its own
special collection of knits based on both historical and new patterns and are pleased to say this seems to still be a number one request. Bonnets are shaped by hand and dried, while we do offer some to stock, for best fit wait a week or two and let us do one bespoke to your specific colour and head size. It will be stiff at first, but the more you wear it, the more it will become your favourite headgear.
Watch as we add more and more colour selections and as always, if you do not see it, just give us a call or message us
Just indicate size and select "Natural", then put your colour choice in a cart message when you check out and we will be happy to meet your needs.
Shown in photo: blue, grey.
As always..please remember the colour you view may or may not be accurate depending upon your device settings.
** When ordering a child's size, please put age of child in the customer notes in the cart.


Our Price: $62.00
Lewis Kilt Hose Lewis Kilt Hose

Spectacular high quality kilt hose imported from Scotland and manufactured by the House of Cheviot, our kilt hose offers years of performance and comfort. Made of a merino wool/acrylic blend they are machine washable on a cool, gentle cycle but we do recommend only air drying.
With a nylon reinforced foot they are especially durable for marching and certainly most handsome with their Celtic cable top.
Note: Special Forces kilts choose Ancient Blue or Ancient Green, they look great !

Our Price: $67.89
Fringed Tartan Shawl Fringed Tartan Shawl

A beautiful bespoke tartan shawl available in your choice of Clan tartan. Hand fringed and sized generously
to wrap you in warmth and style.
Also available in a child's size.
Also available in a rectangular scarf as well, and with or without fringe.
Tartans not listed yet, so for now, please indicate your choice in customer comments of cart and we will contact you for verification.

Our Price: $115.00
Tartan Ladies kilt skirt Tartan Ladies kilt skirt

A bespoke tradtional ladies kilt skirt made to measure with traditional differences from the standard men's kilt.
A ladies kilt skirt, as with women's jumpers (blouses) has its fastener's on the opposite side of a man's.
As with any bespoke order, upon receipt we send a kit to you which contains detailed measurement charts and instruction and a bespoke contract for commission.
A standard fashion ladies pleated skirt is completely closed with a back and side zipper and waistband, uses less tartan and is much less weighty.
Options for full round pleating, back pleating only, and length are all calculated upon order which will result in a phone call consultation within 24 hours at the time it comes through.
An A-line skirt, non pleated is also an option.
Because of this variety offered, the ordering price for a skirt option is a DEPOSIT only and final pricing billed with shipping will be under bespoke contract after consultation.

Our Price: $475.00
U.S. Special Forces kilt U.S. Special Forces kilt

Bespoke kilt made to measure from the Special Forces tartan, a restricted tartan handled exclusively and woven in Scotland for Blackthistle Designs.
This kilt is controlled and restricted to eligible wearers only,
PLEASE NOTE.... your DD214's HAVE to be presented and vetted to be able to order your kilt.
Please know your information is handled discreetly and destroyed upon verification. Any personal information may be blacked out upon submission of the paperwork, as long as your name and MOS are visible on the papers.

Please call or message us directly with any questions and to order.
Contact us first, while we vet your papers we will send you an SF kilt kit, which you will need. It contains measurement charts, bespoke contract and samples of both the SF tartan and the SF silk. By the time we get all that, you will be good to go and we will continue to process your order with payment.


Please note: Both full payment and partial payment will incur shipping charges that include priority, insured shipping and a signature is required for delivery UNLESS you message us if you prefer that waived.
Balance due can be paid at anytime and will include a postage charge not paid in your initial payment which covers the insurance charge for shipping.

Our Price: $550.00